Green Energy Solutions
for Your Business

GES helps you reduce your carbon footprint, improve your efficiency and decrease costs. We make the world
(and your pocket) a little bit greener.

Your Problems: Our Solutions

diesel-powered fleets?

Modify your fleet with
Compressed Natural Gas, a cleaner, cheaper alternative fuel.

Need to fuel
a modified fleet?

Add a CNG or electric fuel station to your property to fuel your fleet and add revenue to your business from public use.

Reduce the carbon footprint of a landfill or a farm

Turn your farm or landfill into energy: capture the naturally occurring natural gas and add it to the fuel network.

unreliable HVAC?

Reduce airborne allergens and pollutants in your building, produce zero emissions and decrease your HVAC maintenance.

Have questions? We have answers.

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GES is your best choice for CNG and Alternative Fueling Stations


Semi's, School Buses, and Gas/Diesel Pickups Modified to CNG Assist


Avg Reduced Operating Expenses Per Vehicle


Years of CNG Industry Experience


Reduction in DEF While Using CNG on a Diesel Engine


Alternative Fueling Stations Installed

ESG Compliance

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of criteria used to measure a company’s responsibility toward environmental, social, and governance issues. The ESG standards cover all policies and actions a company engages in, from product development through the supply chain. Investors use these factors to invest in companies that mirror their values of protecting the environment, corporate governance, and treating people fairly.

Many investors look to invest in companies with a high level of responsibility towards the environment. GES is closely involved with the ESG movement, and all of our solutions are here to help boost your credibility and value in this area.

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    Legislative Laws and Incentives


    You may qualify for federal tax credits or reimbursements from the government for converting your fleet to dual fuels.

    Learn what credits are available for your business.


    Your state may have additional incentives, and likely has laws and regulations of its own.

    Locate your state and find out more about their requirements.


    The US Government is moving to green energy through laws and regulations that will change how you run your business.

    Learn more about upcoming federal requirements.