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Operating Costs Skyrocketing Due to Rising Fuel Prices?

Fuel Prices continue to rise at an astounding rate, cutting into your profits and bottom line.

Wondering How to Comply with Government Regulations?

The US government is phasing in regulations to reduce emmisions by 60% by the year 2045. ​But you drive big diesel rigs—one of the biggest sources of greenhouse emissions.

Compressed Natural Gas is the Answer

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is considered an alternative fuel that can help meet government emission requirements.

In addition, CNG is a cheaper form of fuel, thereby significantly reducing your daily operating expenses.

Finally, renewable natural gas (RNG) in an innovative alternative energy that can be converted to CNG to help keep the world a little bit greener.

There’s a lot to know, and Green Energy Solutions can answer all of your questions.

Cost Effective Solutions

You don't have to spend millions to replace your whole fleet. Instead, modify your fleet with CNG assist for a fraction of the cost. You can even build your own fueling stations to fuel them. Be the future. Using CNG to assist your diesel fleet today!

ESG Compliance

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of criteria used to measure a company’s responsibility toward environmental, social, and governance issues. The ESG standards cover all policies and actions a company engages in, from product development through the supply chain. Investors use these factors to invest in companies that mirror their values of protecting the environment, corporate governance, and treating people fairly.

Many investors look to invest in companies with a high level of responsibility towards the environment. GES is closely involved with the ESG movement. Using CNG to assist diesel vehicles and offering many different renewable energy solutions to combat carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere demonstrate that GES is committed to ESG compliance and offering environmentally-friendly solutions.

Legislative Laws and Incentives


You may qualify for federal tax credits or reimbursements from the government for converting your fleet to dual fuels.

Learn what credits are available for your business.


Your state may have additional incentives, and likely has laws and regulations of its own.

Locate your state and find out more about their requirements.


The US Government is moving to green energy through laws and regulations that will change how you run your business.

Learn more about upcoming federal requirements.

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