About Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions (GES) is a Central Oklahoma–based Limited Liability Company that offers many different renewable energy solutions to combat carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. Since its formation in 2009, GES has implemented and served these solutions to various end users that are helping the world we live in become healthier. GES offers services from modifying diesel trucks to Compressed Natural Gas assist to creating and building Alternative Fuel Stations.

Our solutions create fuel savings, carbon footprint reduction, and a healthier world for not only our generation but for those to come. Currently, GES serves primarily the Midwestern part of the United States, with capabilities of serving the Nation as a whole.  GES modified more than 100 semi-trailer trucks, and 500 or more gas/diesel pickups and school buses to CNG assist.

GES's story began with looking at what the world would look like for our children.  Now it serves them and many to come by offering services that not only save you money, but also save the world.